Arubah Juice
A revolutionary wellness drink that will restore you to sound health.
  1. Supreme Green
    Supreme Green
    A delicious blend of vegetables, some berries, and a proprietary blend of herbs that will restore you to sound health.
  2. Berry Goodness
    Berry Goodness
    This wonderful blend of berries will restore you , as a whole, to sound health. Arubah Juice offers an exotic, Kosher drink with healthy all natural ingredients.
  3. Arubah Juice QUANTUM
    Arubah Juice QUANTUM
    Quantum: the same delicious taste of the original, with the added benefit of Gold and Platinum.
Good Health Is True Wealth.
Once your health goes, nothing else matters!

 Another successful event
Febuary 2, 2019
 Portland, Oregon


June 30, 2018
My People’s Market
Portland, Oregon

Brandon and El
Working the booth
At the My People’s Market

Brandon and El
Introducing the newest
Arubah Juice product…

QUANTUM promotes,
Mental clarity and focus,
Right and left brain balance,
Calmer reaction to stress,
Enhance creativity and,
Increases alpha brain waves.

Arubah Juice was first created in August 2013. The goal was to create a revolutionary wellness drink that is both delicious and healthy. After diligent study and research, a wonderful smoothie drink was created. 

Now, the creators of Arubah Juice want to share this revolutionary, exotic, and organic drink with the world. There are two delicious flavors, Supreme Green and Berry Goodness! Arubah Juice has a wonderful proprietary blend of herbs that work together to restore you to sound health.


In quantum physics, quantum coherence means that subatomic particles are able to cooperate. These subatomic waves of gold nano particles not only know about each other, but are also highly interlinked by bands of common electromagnetic fields, so that they can communicate together making Arubah Juice “QUANTUM” the most powerful wellness drink on the planet.
  1. Arubah Juice QUANTUM
    Arubah Juice QUANTUM
    In quantum physics, quantum coherence means that subatomic particles are able to cooperate. These subatomic waves of gold nano particles not only know about each other, but are also highly interlinked by bands of common electromagnetic fields, so that they can communicate together making Arubah Juice “QUANTUM” the most powerful wellness drink on the planet. QUANTUM comes in glass and biodegradable bottles.
  2. Original Arubah Proprietary Blend of Herbs
    Original Arubah Proprietary Blend of Herbs
    The proprietary blend of herbs are avaible to purchase, so you can put it in your own favorite smoothie or juice.
  1. Dorothy M.
    My name is Nancy, and I am Dorothy's daughter, she has asked me to write her testimony for you. But first I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for you introducing her to Arubah Juice. Also I want to let you know Paula, that my mother talks about you all the time and wishes that you would come back and be her care giver. She keeps telling Say that "Polly would do it like this" or "That's not how Polly makes it" I am sure Say does her best, but you, in her eyes, is the best! My mother has stated that since she has started drinking Arubah Juice she is more lively, wanting to get up and go. She feels more perky and spry. Her eyes seem more clear, and her skin looks more fresh. Her memory a lot more clear, and her IBS does not bother her as much. Also she feels her joints and bones are less painful and less swollen, she suffers from OA, with some RA. Dorothy takes a "shot" (1.7 ounce) of Arubah Juice a day, and even asks for more. She really loves the taste of the Supreme Green, and I like it also. I think that if my mother would have known about this drink 20-30 years ago, she her Arthritis would not have progressed as fast, and her vision and memory would not be as bad. She may have been able to live independently for a few more years. You have Dorothy and I's blessing and pray that Arubah Juice is used all over the country
    Dorothy M.
  2. Ethel A.
    On February 2nd I began drinking ARUBAH Juice with Monatomic Gold. On the evening of February 7th I experienced a terrible pain in my left ankle so much that I was unable to walk, it felt as if I had Sprained it. The next morning, all the pain was gone. I was happy but I soon discovered something else. The pain was gone and when I took my shower my armpit felt different...Normal. For 7 Years I was unable to have full range of motion with my left arm as with the right, due to a Stroke. For the next 2 days I kept lifting my left arm, truly amazed by the sudden improvement. If you are reading this...Thinking of trying ARUBAH Juice, either the Original or the Gold...I Highly Recommend That You Do. You will not regret drinking this Awesome, Nutritious, and Good Tasting Drink.
    Ethel A.
  3. Al K.
    Arubah Juice, I was fat, tired, and exausted, I started drinking this stuff... BOOM! It gave me these guns right here.
    Al K.
  4. Chris J.
    Delicious, It made me feel more intuitive.
    Chris J.
  5. Bobby N.
    Arubah Juice helped my friend during her time of withdrawl sickness, it gave her energy! And she felt so much better.
    Bobby N.
  6. Lexi
    Yes for sure. I love the drink and what it does. You have a juice that cures. Let me know what you need and I can help you out. Tshirts would be great so people ask about it. Also anyway to get it out here in cali?? Have customer interested. What contact info you need? Number is 949 456 2846 i am in orange county California 🙂 laguna beach rad place to b. Let me know what u need
  7. Malik and Tiffany
    So when I drank a full bottle of the juice the taste was different at first then once I got my 3rd sip the bitterness went away. Its been a confirmed 2 hours since consuming the juice and I feel energized and focused. Not only that but I feel great and with continued use it will make you look great as well combined with regular exercise and balanced diet. Its a great addition to any person looking for an all natural boost.
    Malik and Tiffany
  8. Aeon
    “Arubah Juice Gold is simply wonderful! Both Berry Goodness and Supreme Greens are delicious healthy drinks that excite your palate. I love the new ‘gold’ brands, they give me a lot of energy and go great with a vegan diet. I used Arubah Juice during an onset of a cold and it kept me from getting congested and calmed down a scratchy throat. I’ve known the owners for several years and I know that they use the finest ingredients to assist others in their regimen of wellness".
  9. Lisa White LMT, OR State Certifed Doula, studying Herbalist
    Not only dose Aruba juice have a wonderful taste, it has an awesome effect on my digestive and respiratory system. I could tell by the second day how it was naturally cleansing these two systems. By drinking one travel size quantum juice in the moring and one in the evening my body instantly set itself on a regular scheduled process of elimation; eliminating excess mucus and feces from my body. Which in turn decreased the painful breathing that I had been experiencing in my chest, and has since went away. It made me feel less bloated, gave me more energy, and helped curve my morning sickness. It has also helped me reduce breastfeeding; by securing me with the knowledge that I can give my little one something all natural packed with plenty of life sustaining minerals and energy. All characteristics that make this a nessecity in our life. I can continue to tell you all the wonderful ways Aruba Juice has made me feel whole again, but you wont know until you try it yourself. I believe for optimal health Aruba Juice should be in every household; it's more than a juice its a way of life. Lisa White and Family.
    Lisa White LMT, OR State Certifed Doula, studying Herbalist
  10. Lesley Blair Butterville Music
    Arubah Juice is delicious and uplifting.
    Lesley Blair Butterville Music
New Products 
Arubah Juice QUANTUM:
An extraordinary blend of fruits and vegetable, in two delicious flavors, with the added Quantum Gold and Platinum. Everyone knows that gold and platinum are excellent conductors of electricity and energy. This new blend will help the impulses from the brain be distributed through the body more easily. Arubah in Aramaic means to restore to sound health. And that is the goal.

​Hearbal Packets:
An extraordinary blend of herbs designed to restore the body to good health. Children and animal safe.