Arubah is an Aramaic word meaning restoration to sound health.

This revolutionary wellness drink is all organic, all natural, and kosher. There are no preservatives, no added color, and sweetened with fruit. Arubah Juice is high in vitamin A and C, also high in fiber and protein. It is even Vegan and gluten free.

Arubah Juice is high in anti-oxidants, beta carotenes, and anti-inflammatories; it will suppress your appetite, increase your energy, and make you feel alive! Arubah Juice has a proprietary blend of herbs that work together to restore your body to sound health.
Arubah Juice is made to order, once we receive an order; the juice is made fresh at that time, and delivered or shipped within 24 hours. 

There are no preservatives and the ingredients are fresh, so the juice must be kept refrigerated.

Arubah Juice should be part of your daily intake.

Arubah Juice 

Is committed to helping fight hunger.

Arubah juice has partnered up with the Marion Polk County Food Share and the Oregon Food Bank to help the hungry. We believe that no one should go hungry. A monthly donation of our time and money is given to the Food Share. Healthy food choices are very important to us, and Arubah Juice is a healthy alternative to any carbonated drink or high in sugar juice.

If you would like to E-mail us at any time, the Email is:
[email protected]
If you are with in 60 miles of Salem, Oregon we do FREE deliveries.
Arubah Juice ships all over the United States, using reasonable flat rate shipping prices with the USPS.